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Helps you create solutions like business sites, online store, market places quickly and easily

SKARTIO Cloud extends platforms with packaged business capabilities for key pillars of the business solution – planning & marketing, commerce, finance and operations, business intelligence & insights.

Devising Agile Commerce

SKARTIO PLANET extends the capabilities to enable functions like Catalog Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Salers & Fullfillment Management & More. Planet platform comes up with different set of services & packaged capabilities like Planet Basic, Standard and Essentials.

Linking Strategy to Operations

SKARTIO DISCOVERY platforms extends the capabilities to enable business functiond like planning, marketing, lead generations, creating web portals and micro-sites for business. Discovery focus to linking your strategy into actions, supporting your ecommerce business to growth. Discovery comes with two editions-Business and eCommerce

Achieve business results faster, upgrade your business to futuristic platform, and do beyond ecommerce.

SKARTIO commerce cloud is built to help entrepreneurs to orchestrate their business solution as per custom needs and rapidly enable them for the business.

Launch a Business Site.
To show case your services and products. SKARTIO provides a content management system to build and customize the websites or web portals for your business, also lead generation & marketing tools.
Launch B2C -Inventory Led Ecommerce.
An inventory-led ecommerce is a standard ecommerce model for brands, single-vendor business. SKARTIO tailored solution for this type of ecommerce model.
Launch a B2B2C Marketplace.
A marketplace ecommerce model is complex model where business needs to manage the sellers and customers, complex transactional system, commission models, logistics. SKARTIO provides a robust solution for to enable your marketplace.
Launch a B2D2C Merchant Driven Marketplace.
SKARTIO Lite provides B2D2C a solution for business to enable merchant-driven marketplace. Buyers and Sellers directly deals on the platform.

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