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Experience Capabilities

Site Manager: Facilitates the maintenance of your site and ensures that it is running at full capacity. Design Manager: Help you come up with a good impressionable design for your website that will make an impression on your prospective customers. Content Manager: SKARTIO, a website content management system, assists you in managing your contents.

Merchandising Capabilities

SKARTIO has the ability to offer a really strong "customer" experience, something that is crucial for your eCommerce success. Our merchandising capabilities will facilitate a huge growth across your journey. Meet our merchandising capabilities: product management, catalog management, inventory management, pricing management.

Marketing Capabilities

Promotion management and campaign management make an impact on customer awareness and open up a huge market opportunity. By making customers aware of regular time intervals, you may increase their trust.

Planning Capabilities

Explore the SKARTIO planning capabilities, Product Planner, Content Planner, Budget Planner, Program Planner.

Financing Capabilities

Our financing capabilities will help you make the right decisions at the right time. SKARTIO Finance Planning applies hyperscale computing to your strategy and provides a trusted record system, with the capabilities of Revenue Management, Expenditure Management, Accounting Management, Tax Management.

Analytics Capabilities

With SKARTIO's various analytics, you can track your company's progress across several industries and get a full view of its current situation. Save time and money with tools that can help you manage, monitor, and move your inventory across multiple locations. SKARTIO analytics will also help you predict and protect your revenue. Find our SKARTIO Analytics, Sales Analytics, Revenue Analytics, Catalog Analytics, Customer Analytics, Fulfillment Analytics.

Logistic Capabilities

Enhance your platform with different logistic capabilities like Order Management, Warehouse Management, Inventory & Logistics Management, Shipping Rate Calculator.