Digimax required more than just a new website—it wanted a partner in commerce for the long term


Digimax is one of the most reputable and skilled digital studio labs in Manama, Bahrain. The company works in professional photography, event capture, framing, photo printing, laminating, selling camera products, and providing camera services.


    “We didn’t have dedicated dev resources to build out our ecommerce and marketing capabilities. So it became clear that a unified and simplified platform was essential for us that can provide customer support and productivity”, said Pauly Verghese Co-founder, Digimax.


      Digimax selected SKARTIO because it met key criteria for stability, simplicity, and ease of use, as well as important privacy and security requirements. And they depend on SKARTIO to provide their customers with an intelligent experience that differentiates them from their competitors.

        “It fit in with everything we were trying to do as a company. The most significant benefit for Digimax was the migration of customer data to its new site, so that when it went live, we could market to them directly and invite them to shop online, even if they had previously only done so in store”. And we are not looking for an e-commerce platform to build our website; rather, we are looking for the proper partner to assist us in finding a cloud-based solution for this”. said Pauly Verghese.

          Skartio Business

          “SKARTIO makes it possible for us”.

          Pauly Verghese, Co-founder, Digimax


          “Digimax launched its new online store on January 1, 2021, with no guarantee of how its customers might respond. Yet, we were astonished to realize that, after a while, we had a proud customer flow, which made us happy tears”. The customers of Digimax accept the new change with their two hands and realize it was a new normal. It was a real realization for the Digimax team about their great return in the new commerce era. As a result of Digimax's discovery of SKARTIO, client volume climbed steadily day by day.

            LOOKING AHEAD

            The future of Digimax is about expansion, specifically worldwide expansion.

              “The platform's constant commitment to growth is one of the most exciting aspects of SKARTIO and as a platform, the great news about SKARTIO is that it's on the way to developing a lot of features every time. We realize that they are very hard-working to find solutions for everyone’s problems; they stand for it.” said Pauly Verghese, Co-founder, Digimax.

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                ”The team from SKARTIO is willing to answer any questions , provide great guidance & support.”